Vaping: A Billion Pound Industry 

E-Cigarette Vaping

Global sales of e-cigarettes, or vaping devices, have grown this year by 59 per cent, reaching £3.9billion – or for the first time, more than $6billion. Turnover generated by e-cigarette kits and accessories, customisable atomisers and starter sets climbed 75 per cent in the UK to £469million… Continue reading

Another Great Reason to Give Up Soda 

Soda Cans

A recent study from the American Heart Association’s Journal, Circulation, found that the consumption of sugary soda, sports drinks, and fruit juices was linked to over 25,000 premature deaths yearly in the United States alone. It was the first study of its kind. Continue reading

Jurassic Park: Sadly Realistic 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

I know, I know—dinosaur fights, Unix systems, rapid breeding, clones that work better, not worse, than designed—it seems far-fetched to call this movie realistic. But upon review, Jurassic Park actually paints a pretty accurate picture of life as a researcher. Continue reading

7 Unusual Alcohols You Might Regret Trying 

Amazake. Photo by Bex Walton. License: CC BY 2.0.

Although the alcohol percentage of this Japanese drink is low, it doesn’t make it any easier to imbibe. White, thick and with an aftertaste – this is one highly suspicious-looking liquid. Like many Asian alcohols, it’s made from rice, though in this case it often feels like the rice has barely disintegrated … Continue reading

5 Diseases Spread by Bats 

Bats Flying Dogs

Bats are very extraordinary creatures. They are the only known flying mammal and one of only a few creatures on the planet to successfully use echolocation to hunt for their food. Bats are also hugely beneficial to humans in that they contribute to both pest control and pollination. Continue reading

Unusual Valentine’s Day Adventure Ideas 

Treasure Map

Need to treat your special someone, but sick of money-grabbing restaurant chains upping prices and threatening to bring your bank balance back to its student days all for a dodgy steak and chocolate brownie? Or sick of everyone else swanning off to Paris whilst you burn the three course M+S meal deal you invested so much hope in? Continue reading

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