TV Fail: Star Trek’s Maquis NOT Involved In Bin Laden Mission

Some time ago a German news station had a major image fail due to a humorous mix-up. While reporting the news about US Navy SEALs succeeding in killing Osama bin Laden, they mistook a Star Trek Maquis fan-made emblem for the for the actual SEAL Team Six emblem.

They didn’t seem to notice the Star Trek phaser, three Klingon bat’leth swords, the Klingon skull with a bolted-on eye-patch, and the word “Maquis”. These are clearly not American SEAL’s symbols.

The name “Maquis” was originally used by a French group of guerrilla resistance fighters who fought against German occupation during World War II. In Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the resistance fighters battling against Cardassian forces in former Federation colonies were loosely inspired by that group.

The real emblem of the US Navy SEAL Team Six is quite different, but it does share a few similarities. For instance both have a similar eagle and trident as symbols. However that does not excuse the sloppy research.

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