Avoid these Rookie Mistakes in Homebrewing

Beer Sampler

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Starting producing your own beer can be an incredibly amusing process. First of all, you will be pleased with yourself, since you have started learning a completely new skill. This is a very important side of homebrewing, since many middle-aged people have difficulties finding something constructive to do beside their work.

That is why this skill will help you gain a little bit of self-confidence. Secondly, making your own beer will improve your reputation among colleagues at work and friends. Just imagine how you would react if you knew a person who has started making his or her own beer or wine. You will certainly have more respect for such a person.

Also, homebrewing is a great mind exercise if you have recently been fired, especially if you are a man. Men usually cope with losing a job in a more difficult way than women do. Manufacturing your home craft beer will help you kill two birds with one stone – you will be able to drink beer even though you are not earning money anymore and you will save the money (that you do not have) which would be otherwise spent in pubs.

Keep it simple at the beginning

Making your own beer mostly means roaming around the internet and other people’s advice in search for a perfect combination of ingredients and procedures for the best beer in the world. If you are just about to begin producing your first couple of gallons of beer, forget about that. You do not need tips on how to make the best beer in the world. Your first beer does not even have to be the best one in your street. What it needs to be is just drinkable and moderately pleasant. Achieving that would be a great success. You can compare that to starting exercising in a gym.

For the first dozen of visits, you should be over the roof if you manage to lift your body weight into the air for five times. The same goes for the first beer making try. Do your best, but do not sink if you do not succeed.

Fermentation needs consistency

The fermentation process is the most important mechanism when it comes to beer production. Therefore, you need to supervise this process and make the conditions stable and not prone to changes. When your beer mixture has boiled, you need to cool it down quickly to some 45-50 F and then keep the whole mixture at same room temperature of some 67-73 F. Make sure that the temperature does not change, because that might lead to yeast quitting, which will result in too sweet and bad-tasting beer. On the other side, if the temperature is too high, the yeast will make the fermentation happens too quickly and your beer will have unwanted aromas flavours. The best option is wrapping the beer container into a large cloth or blanket and putting it into a dry and cool room in your flat or house. It should be left that way for some twelve days.

Hygiene is vital

When making your own beer, you need to take care of the hygienic aspect of the process. Always sterilise all the containers and bowls with bleach or some other substance. Also, it is recommendable that you use ordinary medical gloves, so that neither yeast nor hops come into contact with your bare hands, No matter how much you wash your hands, there are always some bacteria that could infect the beer mixture and ruin the whole effort. Sanitised medical gloves will protect your beer from all those unwanted influences.

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