October’s News Fails 


Jupiter mistaken for distress flare, rescue mission launched. This looks like it’s going to be a very long rescue mission… House crashes into Ferrari: biased journalism at its finest… Move the deer crossing to where there’s less traffic. Might as well … Continue reading

September’s News Fails 


Sounds like treason, but I’m pretty sure he meant hanging a portrait of the Queen. This is a rather unfortunate, yet funny accident. I highly doubt that is comfortable…

Odd News & Fails 

Politics fail

“Lawmakers disagree over why they can’t agree”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was more than just a headline fail. An unfortunate ad placement for a Nissan car next to such a headline: “Homeless man builds his own car out … Continue reading



SKYNET It’s only a matter of time. Arnold Schwarzenegger seems quite happy to see Terminator-tech progressing…

Riots in the Ukrainian Parliament 

Riots in the Ukrainian Parliament

There has recently been riots in the Ukrainian Parliament. I’m wondering, how did the rioters manage to get into the parliament and make such a mess? You’d expect the parliament to have better security than this, wouldn’t you?

Unusual Camouflage Photography 

Camouflage Art. You wouldn

These photos were taken by Desiree Palmen, a talented Dutch artist. He uses camouflage techniques to take incredible photographs of people blending into their surroundings. You wouldn’t want to dress like this on a busy road… No bus is going … Continue reading

A Very Unusual Bridge 

Very Unusual Endless Bridge

Unusual or Epic? This bridge in Brazil looks like it goes on and on for miles… But it turns out that it’s all an illusion! Take a look below: Source: Endless shortest bridge

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