November’s News Fails 


American Eagle fined $000,000. That’ll teach ‘em! Spotify users angry at Facebook sign-up deal. It’s not that upsetting! Man conned into handing over 200 pounds for hi-tech bargain and ended up with worthless bag of potatoes! Seriously how does this … Continue reading

October’s News Fails 


Jupiter mistaken for distress flare, rescue mission launched. This looks like it’s going to be a very long rescue mission… House crashes into Ferrari: biased journalism at its finest… Move the deer crossing to where there’s less traffic. Might as well … Continue reading

September’s News Fails 


Sounds like treason, but I’m pretty sure he meant hanging a portrait of the Queen. This is a rather unfortunate, yet funny accident. I highly doubt that is comfortable…

Odd News & Fails 

Politics fail

“Lawmakers disagree over why they can’t agree”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was more than just a headline fail. An unfortunate ad placement for a Nissan car next to such a headline: “Homeless man builds his own car out … Continue reading

News Headline Fail 

News headline fail

I guess LA Times should hire better editors if they let this get published without noticing. “This long headline will be 126 characters” is not really a catchy headline is it?

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