Some of the Weirdest Phobias 


Nearly everyone is afraid of something. But when the fear is intense and persistent it is called a phobia. Some of those phobias are really weird, such as some of those listed below. Achluophobia: Fear of darkness. Acousticophobia: Fear of … Continue reading

That’s No Moon! 

Mimas compared to the Death Star from Star Wars

Mimas, a moon of Saturn bears a striking resemblance to the Death Star from the Star Wars movies, due to its huge 130 km wide crater. Read more about it on AstroBlog: Mimas And Iapetus, Two Odd Moons Of … Continue reading

U.S. Dumb Laws Compilation 

United States Flag

A compilation of all the U.S. dumb laws have been recently published on Jokes. Since dumb laws also qualify as odd & bizarre, I thought you might be interested. So follow the link below: U.S. Dumb Laws Compilation

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