When Professional Jocks Were Geeks 

Ryan Fitzpatrick

We’re all well aware of the struggle between brains and brawn, but some people were blessed with both. A surprising number of athletes have incredible academic pasts, and some were even hoping to follow a much geekier career path. Here are some of the smartest jocks in all of professional sports. Continue reading

October’s News Fails 


Jupiter mistaken for distress flare, rescue mission launched. This looks like it’s going to be a very long rescue mission… House crashes into Ferrari: biased journalism at its finest… Move the deer crossing to where there’s less traffic. Might as well … Continue reading

Unusual Camouflage Photography 

Camouflage Art. You wouldn

These photos were taken by Desiree Palmen, a talented Dutch artist. He uses camouflage techniques to take incredible photographs of people blending into their surroundings. You wouldn’t want to dress like this on a busy road… No bus is going … Continue reading

World’s Smallest Inhabited Island 

Clingstone Mansion, World

This 105 year-old mansion is built on a small rocky island off the shore of  Rhode Island. It’s called the Clingstone Mansion. It is a pretty big, 23-room residence, in the middle of nowhere, which puts it far away from … Continue reading

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