Winning at Casino Games According to the Movies

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The modern generation relies heavily on videos, they watch them, they make them, they edit them, but can they learn from them? More specifically can they learn something properly, like how to play poker and win?

In the interest of science I thought I should give this a try. The most common casino games in movies turns out to be poker. From Rounders to Casino Royale, Maverick to Ocean’s 11 and so many other films we have gotten to see some playing. Is it enough to teach you to play or to win? Hard to say since few show more than a few hands and usually the hands they do show are the final or last hands before all hell breaks loose…or someone gets killed.

Winning at Poker is about playing the other people at the table. James Bond did this well in the new version of Casino Royale (old version they played Baccarat). Forgetting for the moment that the odds were stacked against him, and it is a movie, he played out the final hand quite well. Having previously nearly died, literally, after a bad loss, he nearly plays the same game but this time, he has the cards. Were the other people over confidant? Perhaps because of the previous hands, but in Poker one learns fast that the cards have no memory and neither should you. Past cards are not indicative of future ones.


Can you win with a pair of 2s? Yes. Will you? Not usually. Some people have said they learned how to bluff better form watching casino movies. If the route to winning is based on bluffing then nearly every movie should be watched. Bluffing involves some losing to set the other players up, but the payoff can be huge when you do it correctly.


Without patience you can never be a great poker player. You need to accept there will be long droughts sometimes between hands you want to play and you need to stay awake and open to the cards. Drink something, it works in the movies but in real life take it easy on the alcohol since it can affect your thinking process. Drink juice or water and leave the cocktails until you are finished winning everyone’s money.

The cards will come and you will be in the right place at the right time, go all in and walk out the big winner. If you play online your winning will be more reserved but feel free to do a hat tip or whatever makes you feel like a movie star when you win. Go crazy, fist pump, scream, whatever makes you happy or do your best impression of one of the iconic movie gamblers, you cannot really go wrong when you are by yourself playing online casino games. So, to get the swagger and boost your learning, grab the remote, and hook yourself up to some of the classic casino scenes in movies and see if you can up your learning of poker and other casino games.

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