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3 Reasons To Never Go Out Again!

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It’s something that has been touted a lot before, staying in is the new going out, where people would rather lounge on their sofas than head out for an “epic” night out, and it seems that the preference for staying in has never been more popular! We all have our reasons for wanting to get out of a party or a wedding where we don’t really know the bride or groom but said yes to be polite. But is there a real fundamental reason we choose to camp out in front of the TV or X-Box now instead of hanging around with our friends?

Reason Number One: The Cost

Everyone is keeping their purse strings tighter than ever before. If you know that a night out is coming up in a few weeks, you start to save money at the earliest possible point. The price of things like alcohol and getting into a club as well as the cab home will probably set you back half of a week’s pay! And a lot of people don’t tend to have that much wiggle room in their finances to warrant a night on the tiles. So what’s the logical conclusion? A party at home! It’s cheaper, and if the night fizzles out early you can go to bed! A year’s supply of Netflix is about the same cost as a night out, so what would you rather? 6 hours of drunken arguments or an endless supply of movies and box sets?

Reason Number Two: The Lack Of Social Problems

The freedom of being at home means you can do what you want when you want! Not being able to smoke in clubs and even using an e-cigarette indoors has been banned for the most part. So you are in control of your domain, and it’s much easier to order e-cigarettes from an online shop and have them delivered to your door instead of waiting in line at the shop, which will eat into your precious night out. Night outs can be stressful enough if you encounter a dodgy character. You know the clientele very well if you’re at home!

Reason Number Three: The Options

With streaming services, pay per view, or the amount of beer you can store in your refrigerator, you have so much more options for a good night in than ever before. You can have a Netflix party or play board games, and the affordability of a widescreen TV means you don’t particularly have to go to the movies! Technology has opened the world right up to us, and if you pass on a night out, you’ll be able to see how it went by checking your newsfeed on a semi-regular basis. You know the drill anyway; it’s more about posing for camera-phone pictures than it is about actually enjoying the night! So why waste your money when you can see it all on Facebook the next day anyway! Staying in makes a lot more sense now than it ever has before, so let’s have a party indoors!

Beth Jones is a valued contributor to various CosmoBC.com blogs.

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