6 Of The Most Dangerous Jobs On Earth


Like most people, I’m sure there are certain things about your job that bore you to tears. However, when you consider what other people have for a nine-to-five, it can make your cushy office job seem much more appealing! Here, we’ll look at six of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Some of these are sure to make you grateful for your white-collar grind!


If you like to spend your weekends sitting on the bank of a lake and watching ripples come off your bobber, you may think that being a professional fisherman is a tranquil, idyllic life. Think again! Professional trawlermen are constantly dealing with pelting, torrential rain, massive crashing waves and slippery decks. This is all before you consider the task of handling massive nets full of writhing fish weighing a few hundred pounds. Fishing professionally is very different to your lazy afternoons down at the lake!

Roofers and Construction Workers

It’s pretty obvious that construction work, in particular roofing, carries a lot of risks. A standard day on the job will include operating potentially lethal power tools, carrying heavy materials, and working at dangerous heights. Health and safety is a priority on any construction site, and although standards are always improving, countless construction workers have ended up looking for the best personal injury lawyers when something slips through the net.

Bike Couriers

Bicycle couriers are a common sight in a lot of big cities, and every day they spend at their job represents a couple of major risks. First of all, riding through built-up urban streets poses the threat of being run over or knocked off the bike by another vehicle. Secondly, in areas where couriers are easily spotted, it’s pretty common to hear about them being mugged for their money or package.

Farmers and Agricultural Workers

This one may be surprising, but the life of a farmer is fraught with risk. It’s generally not from out of control livestock, either! Although working with fully-grown stallions, bulls and so on can be very dangerous at times, heavy machinery is at the root of most farming injuries. Every year, countless people report serious injuries following an accident with tractors and combines.

High-Rise Window Cleaners

Like construction, this is a pretty self-explanatory one. You’re working on the outside of a 300-metre building, standing on a small lift or putting all your faith in the safety harness around you. With strong winds and unpredictable weather, a lot of high-rise cleaners have one or two stories about near misses. While safety measures are always improving, falling from those kinds of heights usually means instant death.

Snake Milker

Before you ask, this is a real job! A snake milker’s job is to extract the venom from venomous snakes (known as milking) in order to create anti-venom for scientific and medical uses. Often, the snake has to be aggravated in order to encourage them to spit their venom. When your job description involves annoying lethal snakes and collecting their toxins, the risk of being bitten is obviously quite high!

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