Things You Need To Know About Being Arrested On The Road

Police Toy Car

Have you ever been pulled over on the road by a police car? It can be quite shocking. You might have been driving along, when suddenly, you saw blue lights flashing in your mirror. You may not even understand what you did wrong. But now, you need to find a place to pull over that’s safe. How should you handle this situation? Well first, we think it’s important to think about some facts that you may not be aware of about cops on the road.

What Did You Do Wrong? Nothing

You may assume that if a police officer pulls you over after putting their lights on; you’ve done something wrong. You might even start to think about what you could have done, ready to confess completely. But hold your horses. It’s not uncommon for police officers to pull drivers over when they haven’t done anything wrong. This is often a random check. They might even have reason to believe there’s a problem with your driving. Perhaps you switched lanes a tad too abruptly. Or, maybe you were checking your radio too often. But neither of these give them reason to arrest you. Therefore, the best way to handle being pulled over is not to admit doing anything wrong. Wait for them to tell you what you’ve been pulled over for.

Unmarked Cars

Have you ever been signaled by what is supposedly an unmarked police car? We say supposedly because there’s no way to tell. Particularly, if the car does not have flashing lights. Even then you can buy a cherry for your car online. It doesn’t mean that you’re the police. That’s why you don’t have to pull over for an unmarked car until you believe it is safe. As well as this, if the officer is an opposite member of sex, you don’t have to get out of the car. You can request to wait until a female or male officer arrives. If you are pulled over by an unmarked car, it’s best to wait until a populated rest stop.

Dangers Of The DUI

You might think that it’s possible to drink and drive as long as you only have one glass. But it depends on where you are. For instance, in Scotland, any alcohol in your system is essentially considered to be over the limit. It’s a hard stance and one that might be adopted by other countries. If you are caught driving under the influence, a criminal defense attorney will be a necessity.

A Note About Speeding

We’ve all worried at one point or another that we’ve been caught speeding on camera. But some facts might shock you. First, an estimated seventy-five percent of speed cameras are not even functional. They are there purely as a deterrent. Second, if you are caught speeding by a police officer, they need to be able to prove it. They can only do this if they clocked you with a speedometer. That means if you’re pulled over by a police car driving along the road, it’s unlikely you’ll be fined for speeding.

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