Are Artificial Plants Better Than Real Ones? Why You Should Consider Investing in Artificial Options

Artificial Plant

Live plants are no longer considered to be the norm. Artificial plants have made their way into both interior and exterior spaces. Homeowners can choose silk or plastic plants that have been designed, painted and shaped to feel and look like the real thing. Aquariums can also be set up by fish keepers who opt for artificial plants.

The choice of house plants and flowers ultimately comes down to personal preferences. However, if you are looking for low-maintenance and durable plants, faux flowers and foliage are the best options. They have several benefits in comparison to natural plants.

Withstanding Seasonal Changes

Live plants shed their leaves and flowers seasonally, which changes their overall appearance. This will not be a worthwhile addition to the desired appeal of your indoor or outdoor decor. Changes in seasons do not affect artificial plants. They always remain as they are, even with minimal care. Occasional wiping with a damp cloth is one of the simple tasks that keep them in optimal condition and looking fresh all year round.

Less Maintenance

It is well known that artificial plants need less care and attention when compared to natural plants. You do not need to water or fertilize them. Since the plants are not synthetic, they do not require regular pruning and do not grow. They look beautiful and remain in shape no matter the season. Additionally, they enhance the home or office environment all year round.


The materials that are used to create non-natural greenery are typically high quality and long lasting. Many plants are pet and water resistant because of the resilient coating on the leaves. Due to the durability of the plants and flowers, you will be able to enjoy them for several years to come without being concerned about water and pet damage or withering. Find out more about Swann Artificial Greenery here.

Realistic Appearance

Many artificial plants and flowers look real and can be hard to distinguish from real plants. There is a wide selection of artificial plants online that may be mistaken for real plants at a first glance. Some silk versions are made with withered leaves and insect holes for a lifelike appearance. Even upon closer inspection, many artificial plants look real. This is the nature of the replica trees, flowers and plants that are being produced today.

Surviving without Natural Factors

Synthetic plants do not require sunlight, air and water to survive. When you are at work or on vacation, you do not have to find someone who will water your plants. Since artificial plants do not need sunlight, they can be placed anywhere, including rooms that receive little or no sunlight. There is no need to worry about pest or insect attacks that will compromise the growth and beauty of your plants.

Limitless Options

With artificial plants, you are not restricted to keeping or displaying them in one place. You can place them anywhere and move them anytime you want to. This enables you to experiment with your decor, designs and change the appearance of your rooms or garden. Artificial plants can easily be repotted if you prefer another look, color or shape.

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