What Should I Do If I’m Caught Driving Under The Influence?

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Thousands of people become injured in drunk driving cases every single year, so it’s a prevalent problem. However, if you have been unfairly accused of being under the influence, what can you do to fight that charge?

Like any legal battle, there are steps you can take to greatly help your case. Remember, you’ll only be guilty if your ability to operate the vehicle was compromised by drugs or alcohol. So, if you know you were driving legally, you should do your utmost to make that clear.

Know whether you were within the legal limits

If your blood alcohol level is 0.08 percent or higher, you’ll be considered legally impaired and unfit to drive. That being said, you may still be charged if your blood alcohol level is anything above 0.00 percent, so be careful. If you are on prescription medication, you must be taking only what the bottle prescribes. And, if the bottle states you are unfit to drive after a certain point, then you must adhere these rules.

Breathalysers and roadside tests aren’t fully accurate, so if you are found to be at the 0.08 percent limit, you can still fight your case. It’s also best to remember what kind of drink you were consuming. A drink like beer has a much lower alcohol content than rum or wine. If you know for a fact that you didn’t consume enough to be over the limit, then you stand a better chance at not being convicted.

Get a lawyer who understands your case

Whether your legal battle surrounds disputed wills, personal injury or drunk-driving, you’ll need help. Because a DUI (driving under the influence) case is quite a sensitive issue, you should speak to a lawyer who is fully understanding. It makes the whole legal process go a hell of a lot more smoothly, and you’ll have less to worry about. Look at DUI attorneys who specialise in these kinds of cases, for the best results. You shouldn’t have to go it alone, and having a solid defense at your side will boost your chances of a successful case.

Make sure your vehicle was fully insured and taxed

The last thing you want to do is be under investigation for drunk driving, only to have law enforcement find your car wasn’t fit for the road. As well as being charged with drunk driving, you could be charged for having an uninsured or otherwise unsuitable vehicle. For obvious reasons, it’s best not to mention this on the off-chance the prosecution doesn’t bring it up.

Do you have a history of low alcohol consumption? Play this up

Maybe you never drink the stuff, so when you have a little bit, it seems like a lot. If this is the case, be sure to play up this fact. People with a low alcohol tolerance are inherently susceptible to its effects, so it may not be your fault. You may have drunk the legal limit, but your body is telling you otherwise. If you feel you are being unfairly treated when pulled over, remember, you don’t have to take the breathalyzer test if you have a medical excuse.

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