Do You Know What Your Teenager Wants for His Upcoming Birthday?

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It is the biggest mystery of the universe – what do teenage boys prefer? There is no one-word answer to this question. While some of them prefer skateboards, others prefer video games. Some of them prefer metal music, and others prefer telescopes. Some will tell you they like pocket toolsets and woodwork, and others will tell you they love to bake. With the recent media boom and the constant connectivity, their hobbies have evolved and so have their career choices. Earlier, we expect boys to grow up into men who would join the army or become sportsmen and Wall Street officials, but now the job diversity are most significant.

Choosing the perfect gift for a 16-year-old boy has become one of the greatest challenges right after crossing the Bermuda triangle. So, here’s our brief but a useful guide that will help you decide what you want to buy your teenage rock star that will put a smile on his face:

Is he sporty?

Boys at that age are either huge fans of sports or averse to it. There is no in between for them. Depends on how strongly your son, nephew, cousin or grandson feels about sports and outdoor activities, you can get him anything from sporting gears to engraved sports memorabilia. Nothing beats a customized engraved baseball bat or a signed baseball from his favorite sports star.

Does he have a car?

Once he is 16, he will want to have his ride. If he already has plans for getting a car, you can add to the personalization process by getting him cool car-mats, seat covers, dashboard ornaments, fun bumper stickers and cool tire customization options.

Is he handy with tools?

Even today, some boys prefer showering their creativity on blocks of wood, sheets of paper and walls. If your 16-year-old has a flair for the arts, encourage him by getting a pocket toolset, an exclusive set of paints and brushes for adults or gift a unique work of art from inspiring artists around the world. Check out ToyBuzz for a safe but useful collection of toolsets for these young men.

Useful accessories

Today, kids have an evolving fascination for the coolest gadgets in town. We can understand if buying a new mobile phone or PlayStation it is financially prohibitive. In fact, you can ignore the high-end products and go with the subtle add-ons that upgrade them. Start with an anti-theft bag pack, a workout bottle that also works as a phone storage space, mobile battery packs for their laptops and mobile phones. You can take it one step further with quirky cassette mix tapes that contain the best songs in MP3 and MP4 format, with a USB input/output.

Does he have a good sense of humor?

While we are not asking you to get gag gifts, we think it is fun to tickle teenagers’ funny bones once in a while. Think about games like “Stuff they don’t teach you at school,” movie or books scratch-off posters, funny socks, quirky neckties, pens that look like thermometers or drumsticks and a set of hilarious video games for the unusually slow afternoons.

If you know the teenager personally, choosing the present turns into a pleasant task rather than a daunting chore.

Charles Brown is a freelance writer and blogger. He contributes to various CosmoBC.com blogs.

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