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Some of the Geekiest Graffiti

Here are some of the geekiest graffiti ever seen. Some of them require at least a basic knowledge of programming to fully understand them, but others are pretty straight forward to anyone. So enjoy! 😀 And let me know what you think in the comments section.

PHP + Too much beer!

PHP + Too much beer!

Wall Loading. Please Wait.

Wall Loading. Please Wait.

Love in binary

Love in binary.
This is the machine code for the word “amor” which means “love” in spanish.

Push Button. Receive Bacon.

Push Button. Receive Bacon.


The iPot.

Linux better than Vista

Linux better than Vista!


CTRL+ALT+DEL: A Windows Graffiti.

Windows Vista Error Sticker

Windows Vista: Error. The Operation Completed Successfully.
This one isn’t really a graffiti. It’s a sticker displaying the Windows Vista error message saying oddly “The Operation Completed Successfully”.

[Via 10 Geekiest Graffiti]

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  • Anon

    The artist is usually paid for their artwork when doing a mural. If the artist has permission by the property owner to do a Graffiti style artwork that is not done in any harming way, it can be beautiful artwork.

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